New web host, site back up, and a brief update

I’ve finished moving to from Blue Host.

Cloud Access is about half the price of Blue Host, and they don’t do things like randomly auto-bill me $700 for three years of hosting and useless add-ons. (Guys, I don’t need your backup solution. I’m perfectly capable of exporting a MySQL database and zipping & downloading my home directory. But, yeah, thanks for playing.)

I’ve been building a table:

To put this in perspective, the red oak top weighs 250-280lbs, and the base is about as heavy as the top. There’s no metal (screws, brackets, etc.) in this thing, which probably made it take ten times as long to construct. However, it was worth it to learn the required joinery techniques and, of course, it’s always fun to buy new tools.

Now I’ve got my eye on a set of Japanese chisels. They are not cheap.

Oh, and we just had our fourth (and FINAL) kid, William, on 8/15. He’s healthy, we are very tired.