CNC Build Part 1 – Electronics Test

I started building a CNC router a number of years ago, but never really got around to finishing it. Kids, school, job, cars, and occasionally being in the same room as my wife sort of took priority.

While working on the table, I needed to plane some rough sawn lumber. But, I don’t have a planer.

So, I dug up part of the frame for the CNC, bolted up a sled, and did a pretty decent job of flattening the stock. (See pics in the previous post.)

Of course, that made me want to finish the CNC. I’ve assembled most of the frame, other than mounts for the motors, lead screws and nuts, limit switches and, oh yeah, I still have to build a Z axis. But, it’s a party.

See the video for some electronics test fun with an old laptop, Mach 3 and an XBOX controller.